Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DIY: Buttercup Bag

I made a promise earlier this week that creativity would be a Big part of this Recessionista series, and that I would be posting plenty of DIY projects and before & after makeovers during the coming weeks. Because pie charts, after all, are boring, whereas super cute handbags are not.

Weekly Project:

Thus my project for the week, or at least the onl
y one I've actually finished, is this bag. I've seen this Buttercup bag from Made by Rae all over the web this month, and decided that I had to join the crowd and make one myself. This is the first bag project I've undertaken, and other than a few self-induced roadblocks, it was fun and easy to make.

Bags are Great!

One of the great things about bags is that they require so little fabric.
I had plenty of options from my stash of scraps (you might recognize the trim as the same fabric I used for my coverlet in my newly redesigned bedroom), saving me time and money. My favorite part, I think, are the buttons. They were the la
st thing I added, and just seemed to be the perfect finishing touch.

Perhaps I can tempt you a bit by hinting that my first prize of the Recessionista series will be a buttercup bag. But you have to be an insider to join in the raffle. Curious? Click here to learn more about signing up!

Stick around for more tomorrow. I'll be continuing my introduction of Recessionistas by writing about the value of friendships.

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