Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Emotional Fresh Start

This weekend I wandered into the magazine aisle at the bookstore hoping to find some domestic inspiration for the start of spring.  Now normally I'd hit up Martha Stewart Living to get me into the gardening mood or Real Simple for some ridiculously clever ideas like how to clean my entire house with a toothbrush and some old nylons.  But this year I thought I'd try something different, and check out Body + Soul.

Now admittedly this was an odd choice for domestic inspiration since the magazine (one of the many in Martha's empire) is less about home and more about self-help.  And frankly I don't normally have the patience for all of that self-awareness.  But these are unusual times, so I thought I'd take a chance.

Surprisingly enough, I was impressed.  Since the magazine focuses on whole living, there were some good ideas about reducing the clutter in the our homes (perfect for my spring cleaning kick), especially the article about reducing paper, which is something I could certainly stand to do!  

And even the self-help pieces were...well...helpful, and reminded me that during this season of clearing away and freshening up, it doesn't hurt to take a little time to apply the same to our minds and spirits.  I, for one, am feeling a little stale from what has been a long and emotionally draining winter.  As women, after all, we are inextricably tied to our environments.  Often our internal life is mirrored in our external life (i.e. our homes, relationships, etc.), and vice versa.  

So today, while I do some serious damage on the junk and dust lingering in my office and library (yes--I have a library.  Okay--so it's more of a reading nook, but I call it a library.  Makes me feel special and scholarly.), I will also be thinking about how to clear away some of my internal cobwebs and plan my emotional fresh start for spring.  And it probably won't include my toothbrush and old nylons.

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