Friday, March 20, 2009

Guest Writer: a final word on Nesting

Today marks the official start of Spring, and so begins new beginnings.  Next Monday I'll be launching a new series, Recessionistas, here on this blog, and I'm already brimming with ideas!  But before I switch gears completely, I thought I'd assign one last day to Nesting.  So, to give the series a proper close, I've asked my sister and friend, Sheryl, to write a quick quip on Nesting from her perspective as a new stay-at-home mom (my nephew turns one this month).  You'll find that she is both poignant and funny.  Here's a clip from her article, "An Odd Bird":

Most people think that all female birds create nice cozy nests for their young.  But research shows that not every bird nests the same way.  The petril creates its nest in rock cliffs because it likes to fly and swim.  Condors do not make nests at all...  When I was pregnant with my son, people kept asking me how my nesting instinct was setting in.  I had mixed feelings about the question--mostly because I was unsure of my answer....I associated nesting with an image of a woman sitting in the corner of her neatly cleaned home, knitting something special for her impending arrival.  I didn't fit the mold.  I was the petril of the bunch--an odd bird.  Click here to read the full article.

Thank you to Sheryl for contributing the last (and funny) word on the Nesting series.  I hope you enjoy a little comic relief on this Friday, and make sure to come back on Monday for Recessionistas and the start of new things!

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