Monday, March 16, 2009

Farewell to Nesting...for now

Monday morning finds me sipping my breakfast tea and watching the sparrows dive toward my porch in search of a nesting place.  I know the feeling; I've been following the instinct to do likewise this whole winter.

Winter, however, is rapidly drawing to an end.  And so you might already notice a few changes that the up-coming spring has ushered in.  Like a sneak peak in to my next series--Recessionistas--which I am eager to start.  More changes are on the way, too.  For instance, you'll notice very shortly that the format for leaving comments on this blog will get a serious makeover--hopefully making is easier to chat (I know there have been some technical problems along those lines lately...).  I'll also be launching a regular newsletter for special subscribers, full of updates and personal insights that you won't find on my day-to-day posts.  And you might notice some new faces on the sidebar--like Tracy from Art of Whimsy photography, who take marvelous photos--and I'll be inviting you to learn more about them by clicking on their images.

Admittedly a small part of me is sad to leave Nesting behind.  I have greatly enjoyed these past weeks spent in cozy comfort, knitting and decorating and baking to my heart's content.  Along the way I've reflected a lot on the nature of being a woman, of preparing for motherhood (a journey that continues for me), and of caring for my personal spaces.  I've relished moments of creativity and even--I know this seems shocking--moments of scrubbing and mopping.

All told, I think that the most important thing I've learned is that I benefit greatly from seasons of relative rest.  And this past winter provided me with opportunities for just that.  Chances to slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life, like macaroon cookies with hot tea, and the sheer satisfaction of shiny floors and polished wood.  And although I am certainly welcoming the spring, and that sense of moving on to newer things, I hope that I can retain some of that simple appreciation going forward.  Certainly I'll be surrounded by pleasant reminders of this Nesting season, like freshly decorated spaces to enjoy, and fun, creative projects to pursue.

Thank you all for joining me during Nesting, and I hope you, too, found some rest and appreciation for the simple.  In case you missed it, I invite you to scroll through the archives for the months of January, February and March to read more!

Now...time for new adventures and more creative fun!  Stick around this week to learn more about Recessionistas, new design ideas, and more!

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