Thursday, March 19, 2009

Springtime Resolutions

Even though spring isn't officially here until Friday, I'm invoking a new spring "resolution," which is to get outside every day, particularly in the morning if I can.  So far I've been out gardening the past two mornings, and I'm loving it!  The smell of the air, getting my hands dirty, and hearing the birds chirp is an instant (and free) mood lifter.

This recent habit has got me thinking a lot about gardening, including projects I want to start, and changes I'd like to make.  For instance, last year I planted my first ever kitchen garden, and then subsequently discovered that "cold crops" really weren't meant for June.  They were, however, meant for March, and so I've already cleared away the remnants of cauliflower and brussels sprouts (some survived the winter!) from last year, and am now ready to amend my soil and plant seeds for this year.  I'm also plotting a list of new trees I'd like to add to our modest property (a suburban lot), including an apricot tree (I can already taste the cobbler...) and some ornamental pears.  

I've been seeking out garden inspiration too, and finding it in spades.  I'm in love with this English Garden, featured in this last (sadly, The last) issue of Domino Magazine (sniff, sniff), and have my sights set on my sideyard to attempt something similar.  If only my house really were a stone cottage to match....  I also snagged up a copy of Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, about her experiment to eat locally for a year, and am already filled to the brim with ideas for growing my own food and supporting community agriculture.  

Of course, all this inspiration is trickling into ideas for my next series, Recessionistas, and I'll be sharing more details soon!  You can definitely expect to hear more about gardening and the value of growing food during a recession in the days to come, so get your spades ready!

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