Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ta Dah!

I finally completed my spare bedroom yesterday!  Since I sleep in here many nights of the week (I have a very low tolerance for my husband's snoring), I figured it was high time that the room got a serious makeover.  I wish I had some "before" pictures, but alas they were somehow deleted in what was undoubtedly an earnest attempt to clean out the clutter on my hard drive.  So I'll have to explain that what was once a bright orange accent wall behind the bed is now a soothing grayish-blue, and the bedding was upgraded from sage green to rust red and faux fur.  Also, the former lamps were shuffled to use in other rooms and the sheer curtains were swapped for canvas.

Here are the details of the makeover:
*  one newly refurbished headboard purchased from the thrift store for $10.00
*  one very funky lamp (formerly the world's most hideous lamp) much improved with ribbon and some spray paint.
*  new curtains with handmade cork finials
*  one new coverlet sewn from a fitted sheet originally purchased for my king bed (it was immediately deemed "worse than sandpaper" by my husband, who then refused to sleep on it...)
*  one new faux fur blanket sewn from two throws purchased at Target (mainly to copy a look I saw in Pottery Barn--their price = $200.00; my price = $60.00) with leftover fabric for a pillow sham
*  four ornamental frame boxes filled with scrapbook paper (yay!  finally a use for scrapbooking material!) topped with pinecones (I know...I said that I was going to use my DIY thrift store art for the walls, but a) there were already nail holes conveniently measured for these boxes, and b) my dining room is screaming for a facelift and thereby needs the new art more...)

And finally, one dog named Caesar who obviously likes the new room too.

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