Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Homegrown Resilience

I've written many times in self-deprecating jest about the demise of my budgeting sensibilities in the aisles of Target and the troubling state of affairs in my pantry. And I've argued many times that although these things might seem trivial on the surface, especially in the face of larger events like the dissolution of the modern global economy, they are, in fact, quite important.

Home Matters:
So on the third day of Recessionistas, I would like to say that home matters. It matters a lot. For instance, I like to think of my home as many things: a sanctuary, a refuge, a place to create and design, a source for inspiration. Well, right now my home is also a fortress for me; a place where I can shore up my strength and resolve, and minimize my vulnerability to outside events.

This last quality is one that I'm finding more and more valuable when I start to feel fear creep in (which is often does when I'm paying attention to the headlines). It is also why I say that preparedness on the homefront is a great antidote to fear. There are a lot of things that we cannot control about this recession, but the things we can positively impact usually start at our doorsteps.

The Many Faces of Preparation:
Thus, being prepared takes on a lot of different faces. Certainly budgeting household income is one form, and I've got some experiments up my sleeve on that topic (and some friends I've recruited to help me, too). But there are other faces I want to explore as well, like being prepared to flow with the unexpected as it relates to work (buffering for a job loss, for instance, or amping up to (re)enter the workforce). Or like taking stock of your household resources and filling in the gaps.

This is also where we'll chat about growing food, and applying our creativity in clever and resourceful ways. Because preparation can be daunting (not to mention boring) if there isn't some creative reward in it. Fortunately I think such rewards can be found.

Active, not Passive:
My favorite part about pursuing preparedness is that it is an active (as opposed to passive) response to the economic recession. And action is a quality I definitely want to cultivate as a Recessionista.

Taking it Further:
Stick around later today when I share the latest creative project I've been working on. And click here to read more about how you can become a Recessionista insider and receive regular updates, chances for prizes, and activities you can try at home!

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