Monday, March 23, 2009

The Newest Gossip...

The start of spring has always felt like a time for new announcements and fresh ideas. It makes sense, then, that I've already introduced you to one new beginning here on Deviantly Domesticated, which is a fresh feature series called Recessionistas. And while I am very energized by this new series, I am also excited about another launch I'm preparing in the very near future: my first-ever newsletter.

Hopes for the Newsletter:
Now, please don't yawn! I know that email newsletters are as commonplace as the daffodils peeking up through your neighbors lawn, but what can I say? I like common things. Furthermore, I have all kinds of exciting plans for this newsletter. For instance:

* I want to start adding a lot more activities, weekly challenges, and events related to the content of my daily posts--but only for insiders. For example, I have some ideas I'm dying to try related to Recessionistas, and I'd love to invite you to try them with me!
* I want to inspire creativity and encourage feedback by giving away more prizes (yay!)! Be they creations from my own hand, or super finds from sponsors, this newsletter will be the channel for raffling great gifts.
* I want to start hearing more from all of you. The newsletter will give me a chance to share some things I don't normally post on this space--more personal updates and plans for the future--and hopefully it will open doors for me to hear more about your lives, too. What projects are you working on? What are you doing to stay positive during these times? And how do you share your leadership with the people you know?
* I want to pave the way for future ideas and initiatives. I have all kinds of proposal clattering around in my mind, and I'd love to try them on for size. So, for example, subscribers can help me figure out if my community gardening idea is gold or bust.
* Finally, I want to use your testimonies and stories to encourage other readers. Was there a budgeting idea that helped you save money? Or maybe an article that sparked you to think in a new way? I want to know, and I want others to know!

No Spamming:
Please know that I will not sign up people without their consent. In fact, the service I'm using requires you to opt into the newsletter twice, and always gives you the chance to opt out anytime. So you can rest assured that I won't start spamming your inbox! And of course I won't be giving away your addresses, either, because that's just uncool.

Sign up!:
So, if you're interested in becoming an insider (and I hope you are), please sign up for my newsletter in the box above. You'll start receiving regular Recessionista news and challenges very soon!

And on a personal note-- I consider all of you faithful readers my friends and encouragement. Your daily visits and comments mean so much to me, and I'm thankful for you!

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  1. Yeah!! A newsletter!! I am always inspired by your blog!! I am so glad that my RSS feed is up and running again!


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