Monday, March 2, 2009

Thrifty DIY Art

Happy Monday to you all from sunny Colorado!  Sunny and 70 degrees, to be more precise.  A perfect day to plug away at my spring cleaning therapy....  

After spending the weekend clearing out closets and wiping down mini-blinds (oh...dreaded chore!), I'm feeling the need for a little decorating reprieve.  The remedy: a homemade art project for my newly redesigned spare bedroom.

The ingredients:

*  8 matching cheap wooden frames (the cheapest I could find)
*  8 white photo mats for said frames
*  1 thrift store coffee table book filled with fun images
*  1 can of spray paint
*  and the appropriate tools: hammer, nails, level and measuring tape

For my project, I settled on a glossy dark brown spray paint to compliment the mahogany stain I used for my $10 headboard and plan to say Goodbye to the honey oak picture frames (have I mentioned that I hate honey oak and am on a systematic mission to eliminate it from all areas of my home?).  

Then I'm taking a pair of scissors to my thrift store coffee table book--my choice has loads of colorful stock certificate photos (I know, I know--stocks are not doing so hot right now, but their certificates--especially those issued in the last century--are so pretty I couldn't resist).  I'm going to cut, mat, frame, and hang.  Simple as that.

I also bought a vintage children's book from the thrift store for the bargain price of ninety-nine cents, and love the black and white images of jungle animals.  I think it will make an adorable collage someday when I grow tired of the stock certificates.  I'll just pop out the old images, pop in the new ones, and give the frames a new coat of paint (probably in color to spruce up the uncolored pictures).  Complete makeover for zero dollars.

Do you have any favorite DIY art projects, or thrift store finds you're bursting to share about?  Post about it here in the comments!  I'd love to hear!

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