Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Un-Clutter for a Good Cause

If you have taken up the spring cleaning challenge like I have this year, and are finding yourself buried under a pile of things that you no longer use but would hate to throw away, consider donating them for a good cause!

For instance, my friend and former Marketplace Maven Laura from Uproar is co-sponsoring a local garage sale to raise money for her adoption.  I certainly have an armful to give to this worthy endeavor--a VCR, an old juicer, various home accessories, etc. etc.--and love that I have an opportunity to help bring kids into Laura's family!

I've talked a lot about the benefits, both to your pocketbook and to the economy, from purchasing used items from thrift stores or garage sales.  And we are headed into the perfect season for donating and shopping alike!

So, if you are in Northern Colorado, check out the garage sale by visiting the link in the sidebar anytime.  Or, if you hail from another region, search your home for donations, and your town for opportunities to give (and even spend) for a good cause today!

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