Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Accessories (Part 2)

I mentioned yesterday that I like to swap out my room accessories (usually via slipcovers) from season to season to freshen up my living spaces and keep me from getting bored.  Incidentally, I usually do the same for my wardrobe every year, only I'm not always as resourceful.  For instance, last year I stood in my closet, looking at all the spring stuff I had from years passed, and inevitably felt like something was missing.  So,  I headed out to the shops to liven things up with a couple new shirts, a skirt, or a dress.  

Partly this routine is preening--you know, the practice animals do when they get all dussied up for mating season.  Similar to the birds, I think I picked up on this habit in high school, when I was eager snatch up a prom date (Not so much for mating, of course.  More for dancing and having fun.).  The habit remains to this day.  

This year, however, I don't have the cash to spend on new shirts and dresses.  So I decided to apply the same principle--swapping out accessories--for my wardrobe as I did for my house.  Instead of getting clothes, I snagged a cute pair of red wedges (with a peep toe, of course!), and a fedora.  Both of them coordinate with almost everything I own, and cost me about $30.00 together.  And I'll get a lot more mileage out of those $30 than I would from the same amount spent on a new dress or shirt because I don't have to wait for laundry day to wear them again.

I know, I know--this is Fashion 101.  But getting back to the basics this spring has been refreshingly good for both my pocketbook and my look!  It is also helping me get ready for my next series, Recessionistas (starting soon!), since pinching pennies without abandoning creative expression is a Big part of persevering through economic dips.  Stick around to hear more, coming soon!

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