Monday, March 23, 2009

Servin' up Solutions

A New Series:
It is true that I usually start chewing on ideas for a new series long before I actually introduce it to you, dear readers. The process begins with vague inclinations toward topics that are interesting to me, and then steadily builds into more definite themes and issues. One of the last things to come--something I usually struggle to find--is the title and "brand" of the series.

And so it was with Recessionistas. I've known for awhile that I wanted to begin to thoughtfully and intentionally engage the issue of the "economy in crisis," but I wasn't sure what approach to take. Would I become a humdrum prophet, lamenting future days and warning of dire straights ahead? Would I make references in passing, effectively turning a blind eye to the elephant in the room? Would I be flippant and cloy, glossing over the very real concerns and fears that effect day-to-day living? Worst of all, would I be boring, droning on and on about a morose topic that frankly we'd rather distract ourselves from?

Boring? I hope not!
Hopefully the answer is "no" on all accounts. With Recessionistas, and it's chirpy, coffee house impressions, I hope to address the current economic situation in a way that is relevant and practical and positive. Because I believe that a) we all could use a little down-to-earth conversation on the subject, and b) such talk could Seriously use a feminine touch!

What I mean by this last point is that I firmly believe that there are many, many ways to positively respond to these times, and that as women, we are particularly equipped for such a response. Even more, I believe that a lot of solutions we need are home-grown. Home-grown, I realize, is neither glamorous nor sensational (qualities our culture has strong affections for). But it just might be effective.

Five Tenants:
So, I purport a few tenants that will mark the conversation ahead. They will be the backbone of Recessionistas (you and I) in action. They are:
1. that creativity is our lifeline in times such as these. And by that I mean undertaking creative endeavors even if--nay, perhaps Because--they seem frivolous.
2. that preparation is a great antidote to fear.
3. that our relationships are perhaps the best currency we have.
4. that in terms of "economic recovery," the sun will shine on the small and nimble (which, incidentally, is us...)
5. And that our leadership is needed now more than ever.

First Impressions?
I'm curious to hear about your first thoughts. Are you nervous about the economy? Are you tired of talking about it? Do you feel, as one friend of mine does, that thinking about it induces too much stress, and you'd rather avoid it altogether? I want to know! Share you comments by clicking on the "comment" link below.

And stick around later today as I unveil another new feature for this blog that coincides with Recessionistas. I can't wait to share!

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