Monday, March 30, 2009

Your Inner Entrepreneur

Welcome back, readers, to week 2 of Recessionistas! Today is Entrepreneurial Monday (no, I’m not starting a new column--I just dubbed that title for today), because entrepreneurialism is one of my favorite qualities of a Recessionista.

If you’re anything like me, you might be intimidated by the thought of starting a business, or selling anything, or working for yourself. I, for one, was Never one of those lemonade stand kids. I would have rather been subjected to playing the wicked witch (oh dreaded role!) in a game of princess than try to make money from my friends and neighbors. Funny that I work from home now. Even funnier that I still haven’t quite conquered my intimidation.

Not About Size
What I’m learning, though, is that living entrepreneurially is more than just business licenses and accounting spreadsheets. It’s about recognizing our talent and skills, stoking our confidence a little, and offering them to others in the marketplace. Most importantly, it is Not about size.

Let me say that again. It is Not about size.

Because the problems in the economy are so Big right now, it is easy to look for Big solutions. But sometimes it’s the hobby-on-the-side that helps a family make ends meet. It is tiny, cottage industries that shine through when big corporations are faltering. And it is these small, nimble industries--often overlooked and undervalued--that get me excited.

Waiting to Come Alive
Now I’m not saying that everyone should become an entrepreneur. But I am suggesting that maybe you have something valuable to offer to others, and that you keep it to yourself because it seems too small or insignificant or intimidating. Maybe you are an entrepreneur-in-the-making and just don’t know it. Maybe you have a tiny cottage industry waiting to come alive. I hope so.

Of course I have A Ton more to say on this topic, and will be gushing in the weeks to come.
But for now I’ll sign off with one last thing: one of the best ways to start exploring your inner-entrepreneur is to read the stories of others. Thus, this afternoon I’m excited to bring you one such story, from Tamara Cramer of Nurtured Mother. She is the first Marketplace Maven of 2009! Don’t miss it!

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