Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now is Our Time

It is easy for me to feel...well, uneasy...during these times. It is not, for instance, a particularly good time in history to start a family. It is disconcerting to see my investments shrink. It is alarming to hear reports of political and environmental concerns abroad.

Make me Feel Better
During these moments of anxiety, I often want to look to someone to make me feel better. A leader who can offer solutions that I can apply in my own life. Someone, or some group, that has answers or ideas or even a consistently positive attitude. Unfortunately these people are few and far between. Too many politicians are corrupt, too many CEO’s are greedy, and too many figureheads are ego-maniacs.

And so I’m going to--just this one time, and never, ever again--quote Dr. Phil: If you need a leader, be a leader. And so I think that now is our time to lead.

Be A Leader
Without getting all “Viva Revolucion!” on you, I’ll simply say that this recession is a perfect opportunity to rise to the challenge. And I firmly believe that we ladies are particularly equipped to do so. Because the antidote for a lot of what has gotten us into this mess (ahem...bloated institutions expanding their global reach via grossly inflated claims) lies in it’s counterpoint: in small, community, home-centered (and dare I say
female?) places.

Ignore the Naysayers
These solutions, and opportunities to lead within them, are undoubtedly offensive to many.
What do you mean you can solve the global economy troubles with the help of a bunch of gals selling trinkets from home and growing food in their yards? Why, that’s a bunch of kum-ba-ya hooey! Even I hesitate to overstate our influence for fear that some will think I’m preposterous. Hooey aside, though, I’ll endure some criticism if it means that gardens and cottage industries and creativity get some attention during these times. And of course attention for the ladies behind them, too.

So please, give Recessionistas a chance to inspire your leadership, and pay no mind to the naysayers. Sometimes what we’re looking for is small, and simple, and right in front of us.

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