Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recessionista Trivia

It is a well known fact that I was a school nerd. Like spend-my-Friday nights-at-the-library nerd, and do-extra-projects-for-the-professors nerd (fortunately I made up for my nerdy-ness by being super cool in other areas, or at least that’s what I like to tell myself). In any event, you can blame this post on my aforementioned nerd-dom.

Some Recessionista Review trivia:
What is the thing I hate most about the recession?

answer: the tyranny of utilitariansm

And what is the best way to take a stand against the tyranny of utilitarianism?

answer: creativity, of course--especially the frivolous kind!

Speaking of creativity, how can you find out how to win a Buttercup bag?

answer: by signing up for my newsletter!

What do I have a wallet full of?

answer: friendships.

Where do my favorite recession solutions come from?

answer: home

And what kind of businesses excite me?

answer: small, cottage-types!

And along those lines, what do I hope to inspire?

answer: your inner entrepreneur

When is the time for us ladies to become leaders?

answer: Now!

And what do we say to the naysayers?

answer: *&%#* *x&#@# (translation: pardon me, sir, but I believe you are mistaken.)

Congratulations! You get an A.

Come back tomorrow to learn about the Creative Hour and see pics from my latest sewing endeavor. And Don’t Forget to sign up for my newsletter!

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