Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Not Feeling Very Smart...

I was supposed to write a Smarty Pants post for this afternoon. All day yesterday and today I've been reaching into the back corners of my mind trying to find a topic that I can share my thoughts on. And I definitely found lots of topics: the trendy new liberal paternalism, behavior economics, an (old)new global reserve currency, business on the web....

But could I actually collect my thoughts on these subjects? No. Certainly not. Instead...

...I poured myself a cup of my favorite black tea....

...made a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies...

...and read news of a different kind. The girly kind. The kind that had absolutely nothing to do with reserve currencies and liberal paternalism, and everything to do with the latest mascara and spring fashions.

Somedays tea and cookies just sound better. Besides, liberal paternalism can wait 'til next week.

In case you are feeling smart, click below to read some previous Smarty Pants posts. Or grab a copy of your latest glossy and drink tea instead. I won't judge.

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  1. You are deviantly domesticated that is for sure!! :) I think you are very smart for relaxing and enjoying cookies!!

  2. They were very good cookies. I felt smarter after I ate them.


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