Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recessionista Recap

I can't believe that we have already passed the one-month anniversary of this Recessionista series! I, for one, am enjoying every post (although perhaps I might be a tad bit biased...). And enjoying your comments and ideas and thoughts.

Easy to Miss
But if you're like me, it is easy from day to day to miss the overall themes And with blog series like this one. So I figured that I could use a little recap to remind me of what we've covered so far.

Back to the Beginning:
In the beginning, I wrote that there are five tenants of Recessionista living. They are:
1. that creativity is our lifeline in difficult economic times.
2. that preparation is a great antidote to fear.

3. that our relationships are some of the best "currency" we have.

4. that economic recovery can happen in small, entrepreneurial places

5. and that our leadership is needed now more than ever.

Since introducing those tenants, we've touched on every single one of them. For instance, I started the conversation on creativity with a post about the "tyranny of utilitarianism" (one of my favorites, I have to confess), and have since posted my weekly projects under the "Creative Hour" banner.

Regarding preparation, I've talked a lot about the value of "homegrown solutions," including budgeting, gardening, and keeping a well-stocked home. And I've come across some great ideas to pursue some of those solutions with friends, highlighting the "relational currency" theme with swap meets, joint creative projects and shopping for good causes.

And of course we've talked consistently about unlocking our inner entrepreneurial spirit, even if we aren't the "lemonade stand" kind of gals. Even our resumes were pulled into the discussion, because nothing is sacred when it comes to innovation.

Finally, I've hoped to stoke the embers of leadership in you ladies by reminding us all that sometimes small is better than big, and that some solutions--regardless of what critics say--can really start at home.

More to Come
Looking ahead, I am excited to know that we have another month of Recessionistas, with more great talks about these 5 themes. Of course--I'm always open to input from you! What are your favorite topics? And what would you like to hear more about? Do any of you have a Recessionista story to share? Email me at to share!

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