Friday, May 1, 2009

My Recent Hosting Foul

To bring a little humor to your Friday, I thought I would recount a recent hostess infraction I incurred during the Thrift Store Event last Saturday.

I tried my hardest to make everything lovely. I really did.

I followed a friend's menu advice and made a
bunch of delightful sandwiches cut into rectangles and triangles. And I served homemade lemonade. And we ate off of real plates with actual silverware.

Additionally, like a good hostess should, I cle
aned my house from top to bottom. Even the bathrooms that no one would use. Even the shower doors.

And I worked out the timing so that everything would be ready by the time my guests arrived, and so that I wouldn't be running around in a mad dash tying up loose ends.

And then...when it was all said and done... dog came home and immediately launched a HUGE ball of slobber through the air, landing with perfect precision on my guest's plate!

Right on top of her dainty sandwich.

Where it laid inconspicuously until she picked it up to put it in her mouth, whereby she then--feeling a faint touch of slime--stopped just in the nick of time.

It could have been disastrous.

Apparently Martha Stewart I am not.

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