Friday, May 22, 2009

In My Weekend Bag...

Have I ever mentioned that one of the perks of living a the life of a "domestic entrepreneur" is that the term "flex time" is an understatement?

So, with the holiday weekend ahead, I'm packing up my duffel bag, grabbing my books and crafts, and heading out of town. Here's what I'll be bringing:

The Packing List:

* my copy of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I'm in love with this book, and find it a perfect read for spring. I've already learned an incredible amount about the habits of asparagus (seriously--who knew they could be so fascinating!), and keep bugging my husband with "hey, did you know that seeds are patented and therefore illegal to keep from year to year?" types of facts. Needless to say, he's not nearly so interested in those tidbits as I am...

* my New copy of Twilight, given to me by some friends just yesterday (thank you!). I am now ready to officially join (albeit rather late) the cult.

* a few skeins of yarn, including one that already bears the start of a pair of winter wool socks I'm knitting. Yes, I realize it's almost June, but I really am going to get a head start on holiday gifts this year. Really.

* some fabric, so that I can plan out new Creative Hour projects for the weeks to come. Since I can't very well haul my sewing machine up to the mountains and thus endure the inquiring stares of my family who
don't include sewing projects among their ideas of relaxing leisure, I have to find fabric tasks that don't need stitching...

* my laptop, in case I'm suddenly struck by a brilliant posting idea, or a webpage design (for the record--I'm a Mac. I know you were dying to know.). I will, of course, have to officially ignore the irritated glances by my husband, who believes that the mountains are no place for modern technology, except, of course, for DVD players and cable television. At least I won't have internet...

Too Much to Do?

By now perhaps you are wondering if one person can actually do all of the things implied within this list of belongings. The answer is No. Of course not. I Never actually work on all of the projects I bring. I just like having them there. Just in case.

You understand.

Hope yours is a great long weekend, too!

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