Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Temporary Goodbye

Even though summer doesn’t officially start until the latter part of June, Memorial Day always seems to kick-start the season. The pool in my neighborhood, for instance, opened on Saturday, with a gaggle of blue-lipped kids splashing contentedly (blue because 64 degrees isn’t exactly warm for swimming). And I saw more than one neighbor haul out their bicycles or their lawnmowers (one ambitious neighbor did both) to inaugurate the date.

And even I have to admit that although the weather isn’t exactly cooperating (it’s still a cool 65), and the kids haven’t finished school yet (only 4 more days, moms!), I’m ready for summer, too. Ready to kick off Retro Summer ’09 (starting Monday! yay!), and reacquaint myself with my dusty golf clubs, and even dustier bathing suit.... Ready for outdoor living and sleeping with my french doors open. Ready for my tomato plants to grow out of their spindly state, and my basil to run wild. And my strawberries and cherries to ripen from green to red.

A Temporary Goodbye
Of course, saying hello to summer means saying goodbye to Recessionistas. But it will only be a temporary goodbye, because I’m formulating a plan even now to bring it back this fall. Not in the same way, of course, because that would be boring. And repetitive. No--it will return in a new way, building on the ideas we’ve been talking about since March (can you believe it’s been that long!). And truth be told--I’m almost as excited for the fall as I am for summer nights spent star-gazing on my balcony.

Where We've Been...
So, the rest of this week will bring a quick Recessionista review--giving me a chance to remember where we’ve been and plan for where we’re going. And then let the summer fun begin!

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