Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Looking back over the past 8 weeks of Recessionistas, I’m finding it difficult to sum it all up. Difficult, at least, without sounding repetitive. Because certain things you already know. Like my thoughts on the gift of creativity during hard times, and my passion for managing our household resources well, and my conviction about being prepared for the unexpected. And then there’s the point about our relationships being an unexpected source of currency, and all of the informal entrepreneurial opportunities around us.

And since we’re coming back to the topic in the fall, I don’t want to get too sentimental. But what I will say, as a bookend to this season, is that we, as women, have a special aptitude for times like these. A “natural ability,” as the Oxford Dictionary says, to thrive. Thrive in any era, but particularly during this one, when shrinking and cutting back seems to be the trend. We, however, will be growing and expanding (perhaps, ironically, by cutting back...), flourishing in a drought. Why? Because we are gifted at the things I mentioned above. Like relating to others. And thinking outside of the box.

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Therefore, over the summer, in the midst of time at the pool and nights at the local drive-in, I’ll also be interviewing the women I know, asking them to share about their “aptitude” for thriving. And come fall, we’ll pick up Recesionistas again, starting with their stories (and maybe yours as well!).
So while you, too, are sunbathing and taking vacations and gardening, be thinking about your aptitude for thriving. And keep your eyes open here for ways to share your thoughts, and to be a part of the fall’s Real Recessionistas series. I’d love to hear from you, and to learn from you!

Until then--

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