Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Sky is Falling and I'm Stuck in the Sand!

This past weekend my husband and I took a little trip out of town to relax in the Rocky Mountains. It was so good to get away--so clean and fresh up there with the pine trees and melting snow. A perfect opportunity to unplug from life for awhile.

Is the Sky Falling?
Unplug, that is, until Monday morning when we turned on the news before packing up to leave. Suddenly the world came crashing back into our idyllic weekend.

Oh...right...there’s that Swine Flu problem.

Oh...and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy, with perhaps GM soon to follow.

And what was that you said? Did I hear something about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal being in danger of falling into the wrong hands?

And did someone mention the possibility of Israel launching an airstrike against Iran?

Is the sky falling!?

Where's the Sand?
Now, for those of you who have been reading these posts for awhile, you know how strongly I feel about staying informed. But after Monday’s headlines, I do recall having the distinct desire to toss that conviction and bury my head in the sand.

Why do I bring this up?
Because feeling nervous anxiety (aka fear) has been a rather frequent response for me as of late. And I’m guessing I’m not alone. I know that collectively we can tend to be a little dramatic, quick to dub everything as the “worst crisis ever!” But to be fair--these are unusual times.

Antidotes and Lifelines
I wrote in the very first post of this series that we could all benefit from a positive and practical attitude during these times. I also wrote that one tried-and-true antidote to fear is preparation. And that creativity is a lifeline of color and texture and beauty when headlines are bleak.

As a Recessionista, I know that I have very little control over the financial state of the auto industry. Or the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. And apart from washing my hands, I can’t keep the Swine Flu from spreading. But I can prepare my home to better weather the possible effects of these events. And I can certainly invest in creativity.

Easy Target?
And since burying my head in the sand really just makes me an easier target for pieces of the falling sky, I suppose I’d better get to work. So please join me this week for more conversation on creativity and preparation.

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