Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creative Hour: cocktails and dresses (but not cocktail dresses)

Perhaps it was my fling with the red dress, but lately I've been hankering for a bygone era. An era of party dresses and the cocktail hour. Nevermind that I don't actually like cocktails (I'm more of a beer and wine kinda gal--).

So in lieu of cocktails, I thought I would whip up some cocktail napkins just in case someone else wanted to entertain with them. Someone, for instance, who might win this week's raffle...

And while I was at the sewing machine, I figured I would put on my "alterations" hat and try to amend a very cute summer dress I picked up this spring while I was in L.A.

This dress is nothing more than a cotton tank sewn into a navy blue linen skirt. And while both my friend and I agreed that it would be a great summer addition to my wardrobe, the top was a bit annoying. Annoying as in it draped too low in the neck and under the arms. And while I thought I could fix it with a camisole worn underneath, eventually I decided that adding layers in the summer wasn't such a hot idea.

So I picked up a better-fitting tank at the store for $5, cut the bottom off, cut the original out, and swapped 'em. The only tricky part was making sure I sewed the shirt to the elastic instead of the linen. Ten minutes later, I had my cute summer dress minus the necessarily cami.

Cherry Pie
And finally, I made it down to the kitchen where a frozen bag of pie cherries had been calling my name for months
. Purchased from the farmer's market last year, I was long overdue for baking them into a pie.

So I dumped some flour, butter and water into the food processor, dunked the cherries in a sugar syrup...rolled, poured, covered and pricked...and Presto! dessert for the week!

Tell Me!
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