Thursday, May 14, 2009

Your Best Birth Simulcast Event: Photos from my Booth

Some photos from my table at last night's "Your Best Birth" Simulcast Event:

The display, which is the first one I've ever set up. My husband laughed at me when I "practiced" at home on the dining table. I couldn't help it. I'm WAY too obsessed with design and aesthetics to not have a plan!

Some items from my Hillberry Home store, including pillow covers and a small lap quilt.

The new Lime Shimmer series that I plan to list for sale early next week. I like them so much I just might have to make some baby items from the design/fabrics too!

And my stash of baby quilts. So far I have six styles in my "Spunky Baby" line, and counting.

I'll post more soon about creativity, "domestic entrepreneurialism," and e-commerce later, but I wanted to give you a peek while the photos were still hot on my camera!

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