Monday, April 6, 2009

Los Angeles Weekend!

Hi All! I'm happily taking a mini-break from Recessionistas to enjoy the warm sunny days of Los Angeles. Can you believe that yesterday I saw dolphins playing right off the coast of Venice Beach? It was like Sea World au naturale--

Here are a few of my favorite stops and spots...

Of course one of the first places I had to check out was this charming furniture store. It was filled to the brim with mid-century modern pieces of all shapes and sizes. All I can say is that it is a good thing I can't tote a sofa home on the plane!

One reason I love the West Coast is that flowers and produce are so fresh! Take a look at these garden beauties, already almost a week old! Considering that it is snowing in Colorado (while I lay on the beach in a bathing suit), these flowers are a refreshing reminder of spring!

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is one my new favorite stores. It is stock full of the quirkiest gifts, from chain mail to graphic tees to "socialism in a bottle." The store is actually just a front for a tutoring center in the back, making it all the more enjoyable. Only in L.A....

Finally, I got to enjoy some authentic Korean barbecue on my first night into town. It was delicious! Since we had two gracious Koreans with our party, we learned a lot about the dishes being served, and about Korean drinking etiquette. It was definitely an experience I'd be hard pressed to find in Northern Colorado!

Thank you to my hosts, Ryan and Alli, for a great trip! Tomorrow I'll be back in the snowy spring, and back to Recessionistas.

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