Monday, April 20, 2009

Been A Craft'n

The view from my room this afternoon involves a lot of fabric stacked in rows, spilling out of containers, and lying in shredded strips on the floor.

A Craft'n

I've been A Craft'n as they say (okay, so maybe they don't say that. Play along, people!). And writing. And messing around with desktop publishing. And taking photos of things I fancy. And reading books on business.

And of course thinking about another week of what is quickly becoming my favorite series! I can't believe how quickly time flies by--we are already starting Week 5 of Recessionistas!

A Brief Recap

After introducing the "5 pillars" of Recessionista living (creativity, homegrown solutions, relational "currency," entrepreneurship, and leadership), we've been digging into each of them day by day. Like.. daily creativity is a good antidote to all of the fear and consumer worries spreading around town
. budgeting and gardening and stocking up at home are solutions as valuable as stimulus plans and bailouts
. friendships can keep money in our pockets and smiles on our faces
. unlocking our entrepreneurial selves can increase our confidence, sharpen our skills, and maybe-just-maybe boost our economy, and we as modern ladies are especially equipped to lead during times like these.

More to Come

And with a few more weeks still to come of Recessionista inspiration, here's a peek at what to expect this week:

* read how to combine both "relational currency" and homegrown solutions in
Swap Meet Style (inspired by a party idea in Real Simple)
* hear my thoughts on creative resourcefulness and how "earthy" it is on Earth Day. Plus catch my latest craft project (hint: they're placemats)!

* learn how this recession is causing people nation-wide to adopt some Recessionista-like habits from my latest Smarty Pants current event review.

* catch my latest budgeting adventures in
28 days Makes a Habit
* and listen to me wax poetically (okay...maybe not so poetically--you heard my coupon soliloquy last week...) about becoming a "multiplier" in these times.

And as always, please don't be a stranger. Leave your comments and ideas in the "comment" section of these posts throughout the week. I love hearing from you!

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