Thursday, April 2, 2009

the Creative Hour

When Rosie the Riveter kicked up her fists, she was rallying women to hit the factories during the war--commending them to take up their tools and do their part to keep the country moving during a rough time. Well, I’m no Rosie, and this isn’t exactly a rallying call, and certainly we aren’t at war like before, and a lot of factories are closing down, and....well...Besides all of that (and my obvious poor choice in appropriate analogies), I am issuing a edict. It is not, however, an edict to work, but an edict to Create.

What I mean is that during this Recessionista series, I am intentionally placing priority on creativity (something I’ve already written about). So, to institute that priority in my own life, I’m starting what I’ve dubbed “the Creative Hour” (I know--for such a creative time, it’s not a very creative title, but it does the job). It is, plainly, an hour a day that I devote to creating something. They are things that might be designed specifically to market in my online store, Hillberry Home, or other things I’ll create to give away as prizes to you all. And some things will just be for fun.

Taking the Edge Off
I’m doing this for a variety of reasons. One, of course, is to defiantly stand against the tyranny of utilitarianism (I just like to say that because it sounds very propaganda-ish). But more than that, I find that creating things is a refuge for me when I’m stressed or worried. There’s just something about making items that I find beautiful to take the edge off. Furthermore, the process of creating enlivens my senses, and tempers the numbing urge to consume Stuff (patent leather heels at Target--Oh My!).

Making a Connection
Creating things also connects me to friends, like the “knit night” I hosted last week, and the “sewing afternoon” I recently enjoyed at a friend’s house. And of course I can’t do something without inviting you all to join me, and so it is with the Creative Hour, too. I would love it if you would find some spaces in your life for creativity, and then share your goodies with me (via pictures, of course, although feel free to mail me stuff you make, too. I won’t complain...).

Very soon I’ll be promoting some ways that the Creative Hour can be even more interactive, so stick around to hear more on that! And come back later today to see photos from my sewing afternoon!

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