Friday, April 17, 2009

And the Winner Is...

This week's newsletter raffle winner is Jessica!

Host: tell her what she's won!

Announcer: well, Bob, she's won a spanking new handmade Buttercup Bag!

Host: and how did she win?
Announcer: well, Bob, it's easy! She signed up for Stephanie Hillberry's newsletter and entered the weekly raffle by answering a simple question.

Host: and how can readers enter to win next time?

Announcer: well, Bob, they can simply enter their email address in the sign-up form in the above right corner, wait for the following Monday to receive their first newsletter, and enter to win!

Host: It's just that simple?

Announcer: Yes, Bob. It's just that simple.

Note: Okay--so perhaps there really isn't a "Bob" per se, or an "Announcer," but the weekly raffle is real. Sign up today to receive next Monday's email and enter to win!
For more information on the newsletter, click here.

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