Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plant Nerds & Cookie-Cutters: a glance at the topics ahead

There are many things that I’ve come to learn about myself in the past thirty or so odd years. One of them is that my attention span is shorter in the summer. Maybe it’s the clear blue skies and warm nights. Or perhaps the way the days fly by, blazing toward Fall. But certainly I can’t be depended upon to hold my focus.

Attention Deficit
So it was with this reality in mind that I decided to divide the next twelve weeks into two-week topics. Yes, on the one hand it will make summer go by even faster. But on the other hand, I might actually finish a thought before jumping on to the next!

Summer Topics
Here, then, is the proposed summer plan; what you can expect in the weeks to come on Deviantly Domesticated:

June 8-20: “Outdoor Living.” Join me to talk about making the most of outdoor spaces, whether you have a yard or a patio. We’ll cover landscape design, accessorizing, lighting, structures, and more! The design enthusiast in me can’t wait!

June 22-July 4: “Won’t You be my Neighbor?” Forget far-off vacations! Get to know your community this summer by considering these fun and inexpensive activities. Hear my accounts of how I’ve fallen in love with my town over the past few years, and perhaps share your own stories!

July 6-18: “Plant Nerd.” You don’t need a green thumb to appreciate summer’s bounty! Join me as I learn more about gardening, growing food, and selecting plants for any area. We might all be a little greener by the end!

July 20-August 1: “Retro Summer gets Graphic.” In an experimental twist, I invite you to a two-week story read-along. I’m envisioning vintage images laid out like a comic strip.... Sort of like Archie meets Betty Crocker.

August 3-8:
“Summer Eat'n.”
Soak up the last few weeks of summer with these food and drink ideas, collected and sampled throughout the season by yours truly.

August 10-22: “Customizing a Cookie-Cutter Home.” Planned communities and generic “stock” housing are common in most parts of our country. So if your space is lacking the quaint feel of custom, consider some of these ideas to liven things up!

August 24-29: Retro Summer ’09 conclusion. Join me for closing remarks, and a look into the fall line-up!

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Do you have any great summer recipes for "Summer Eat'n"? How about a tale of your adventures in outdoor design and living? Send your comments to me at or post them here!

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