Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Staycation On Foot

If I were your staycation travel agent, the first order of business I would tend to would be to schedule lots of foot time for you. Foot time? you ask. No, I don’t mean pedicures (although certainly they should be a staycation staple, too). I mean walking on foot through your town. Or biking, which I guess would be on pedal--but the same principle applies.

Why on foot?
Because I’m convinced that experiencing your corner of the world at a slow, one-foot-(or pedal)-in-front-of-the-other-pace is the best way.

A Summer on Pedal
It was a few summers ago that I decided to give my car a rest and bike to and from work everyday. My office at the time was located on the opposite side of town from where I live, giving me a chance to wheel my way through miles of neighborhoods. It was officially that summer that I fell in love with Fort Collins, no doubt because of the bike.

There's Just Something...
There’s just something about getting outside of your car and wandering the streets. You notice things--like a cute boutique that you somehow missed, or an ice cream parlour that always has a line out the door. Furthermore, you get to smell the linden trees in full bloom in the summer, and the fresh scent of cut grass, and hear kids playing in the park as you walk or ride by.

And because you’re on foot, you find yourself slowing down and stopping at the cafe for a coffee instead of rushing to work.
Or stopping to look at a beautiful garden with your kids. Or catching your foot in the spray of sprinkler on a hot afternoon. You know--all those ridiculously simple things that make you feel alive, and appreciative of nature and summer and grass and sun.

Grab Your Sneakers!
During the next week and a half, I’ll mention a few more specific activities that you can do on foot or bike in your community to soak up the summer, including garden tours and gallery walks. But for now, as your trusted staycation travel agent, I’ll simply say get your sneakers and head out on foot!

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