Monday, June 29, 2009

Doin' Nothing...

I had just the kind of summer weekend that I love. Lounging on the back patio in the shade, reading books and writing and watching the plants grow.... Taking long walks with my hubby and two dogs... Sitting out at twilight and watching the sunset... Eating bbq ribs hot off the grill with corn on the cob and homemade ice cream for dessert... Listening to ghost stories by candlelight (seriously--I did this). Watching kids whiz by my house on their skateboards and wishing I could do that (when exactly are you officially too old to learn how to ride a skateboard?)... Sleeping with the doors and windows open, under an antique quilt my great-great-grandmother made...

Yeah--it was that kind of weekend.

And although I didn’t get all of it on camera, here are a few shots...

The food... (floss required!)

The company... He's not much for conversation, but we still like him.

The reading list...

The hand-me-downs...

Ironically, in our days of fancy gadgets and deluxe entertainment,
these simple weekends of doin' nothing are probably the ones I'll remember most.

What are your favorite doin' nothing memories? Share your comments below--

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  1. One weekday without a post, and I thought I was going to expire. Thank goodness you're back!


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