Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Simple Summer Decor

One of my favorite ways to spruce up my home involves no money whatsoever. I simply take my garden shears to the yard and snip away.

My favorite arrangements are tall grass reeds in old beer
bottles, wheat stalks in coffee mugs, and coneflowers in pitchers.

The summer is best time for this type of decorating, since everything is in bloom and lovely. But the winter is actually when I appreciate it the most. When everything is brown and dead outside, I love to have a bouquet of flowers and greens on my kitchen table. It makes those long, dark days seem brighter and cheerier. And yes--I do have to spend some money during winter for this pick-me-up, but most bouquets can last two weeks with some deadheading and thinning.

Do you have a favorite flower? Or maybe another cheap idea for freshening up your home during the summer? Share about it by posting your comments here!

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  1. Peonies and, love, love them!!! I like fruit centerpeices in the summer.....especially lemons and limes. The colors are vibrant and just feel appropriate when it's 106 outside! Yikes! love your blogs!

  2. Thanks Whitney! I love peonies and tulips, too. I wish they bloomed all year. Good choice!


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