Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Slow & Steady

I know I've only been talking about growing and eating food for two days, and already I'm deviating, but we've gotten so much rain lately that my veggies are a bit lackluster!

The weather, however, has been really good for planting. Shrubs. Groundcovers. Perennials. And planting I have been...

Every year in the past it's always been the same thing: I'm bursting with ideas and energy to work on the yard/garden once spring rolls around, my head full of landscape visions. I last about two weeks, and then it gets hot, causing me to get hot and motivation cools. Pretty soon it's September and I've wasted a whole planting season!

So this year I decided that I was going to try a different strategy--the slow and steady approach.
I buy 1-2 plants per week, and head out to the yard on Sunday evening to put them in the ground. So far it's working! I've already accomplished Way more than years past, and my yard is actually starting to fill out.

These pictures are the most recent Sunday planting. I divided two 1 gallon wooly thymes into a dozen plants and set them in the ground. Since they're a groundcover--and a fast growing one--I should have a whole section of my still-a-baby front yard covered in wooly goodness soon!

Do you have a yard? What are you planting this year? Share your comments below!

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