Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project Plans

Since the summer is formally wrapping up,
I am preparing for my seasonal home design swap and project list.

Here are a few things I'll be working on
to ease myself (and my home/wardrobe) into cooler days:

I'll be using these fabrics to change all of the throw pillows and blankets in my main living room.
I love the varied patterns (houndstooth, plaid, lattice, lace) and seasonal colors. I'll make sure to post photos of the finished projects once they're complete!

This is the basket next to my bed.
I have, for the record, three other baskets around the house that look similar to this, but that's another story. This basket contains some of my fall "yarns in waiting" and half-finished sock projects. I have my work cut out for me...

I'm also planning on undertaking the rather ambitious challenge of sewing a new quilted coverlet for my king-size bed.
I'll be using these fabric swatches (and many, many others), in shades of rust and smoke. Seems fall appropriate, doesn't it?

All of the patching together will probably take me a lifetime,
but maybe some caffeine and sewing-while-movie-viewing will speed the process.

Speaking of sewing, I need to make a dress for a fall wedding,
and am trying to decide on the color... Steel gray? Rose petal pink? Smoky charcoal? The debate continues...

I've also been making a lot of jewelry lately,
but have definitely started moving more toward earthy fall tones, like these espresso wooden beaded earrings I made this week.

They'll be raffled off tomorrow,
so soon they'll adorn someone else's fall ensemble.

Finally, I've got yarn plans, people.
Yarn plans. I want to knit a few pillows shams because it seems like a fabulously comfy texture for fall. And I've started yet another cardigan, only this time in tweedy dusty rose.

As you can see,
I am going to be very busy as the sun sets on summer and autumn rolls in.

Just the way I like it.

What projects are you planning for the fall? Share your comments here!

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