Friday, October 23, 2009

Found Treasures

We are about to enter that time of year. You know--the one where we are bombarded with a gazillion things to buy, when the stores are warm and inviting, and the commercials are calling out our names. It won't be long. Our door handles won't even be cool from the warm touch of trick-or-treaters before the holiday season comes knocking.

And as I mentioned yesterday, I am preparing for said time of year with a list of projects, and a hankering for originality. So I've corralled a few items and objects from around my home that I intend to transform into holiday treats. Want a sneak peek?

These pine logs, for instance,
that have been warming the pavement on our back patio, are just begging to be transformed into holiday-illumination displays.

With belts, naturally. And candles.

And these tiny beads,
which I've been harboring for half a decade, might finally find a home on a certain tank top I own that could use a glitzy holiday makeover.

These vintage toys from my childhood won't be gifted away (Never!) I promise,
but I just might use their infant-sized apparel to inspire a few baby DIY projects of my own.

Finally, I have a pile of buttons crying out for a home...
perhaps destined to be sewn onto new cozy bedding designed especially for cold winter days.

If you can't tell already, the theme for these found treasures--and the projects that will stem from them--is making clever use of ordinary, round-the-house items. Are you excited? Me too! More coming soon--I promise!

Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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