Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow Day

Today is a snow day for us Coloradoans. Currently the white stuff is falling down in buckets (does it snow in buckets, or is that just rain?), and I’m trying to avoid shoveling the driveway for as long as possible, which admittedly isn’t a great strategy when it comes to snow removal...

The weather, of course, threatens to put a serious damper on Halloween festivities, but it does make for excellent holiday inspiration. And since I’m currently working on some holiday DIY projects, this snowy day is a perfect fit to get me into the mood.

Later today (Yay!) I’ll be listing my first ever project download for purchase in my online store, so I thought that I would give you all a sneak peak by sharing a few photos with you. These pictures, plus the winter wonderland outside, make me want to cuddle down with a soft blanket, some hot tea, and a good book.

That is, after all, what snow days are for.

Stay tuned for more details about my store,
and come back tomorrow as we pick up on this week’s Be An Original theme: exploring who we want to be!

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