Thursday, October 15, 2009

Original Sweater

I just finished the final stitches of this sweater last night, right in time for the weather to climb up from forty to seventy degrees.

Of course, with the long winter months ahead, I'm not too concerned about finding the time to wear it.

Obviously there are a lot of things that make this wooly cardigan a unique piece, starting with the fact that I handknit it from four skeins of soft lavender yarn.

And the details speak for themselves. All of the wonderful texture and varying patterns (cables...bobbles...ribs...) would be hard to match in a store-bought mass produced sweater.

In other words, I'd be hard pressed to find a cardigan like this hanging from the racks at Target or Express or Macy's.

Which also means that I'm not likely to spot a duplicate looking just a little better on someone else walking down the street (don't you hate that!?).

But apart from these obvious fashion points, there are a few other reasons that I like this original sweater. Reasons that speak to quality and craftsmanship and care.

Reasons that I want to expound on a little further tomorrow, when I tackle a hefty phrase ("planned obsolescence") with some levity (so as not to bore you on a Friday!). Stay tuned for more!

Until then, happy Thursday!

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