Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Other Venture

In addition to my quest for originality this fall, I also have another venture on my to-do list, which is to get all stocked up before the winter hits.

No, I do not live on a homestead in cas
e you were wondering. I live in suburbia.

Then why, you might ask, do I feel the nee
d to stock up like a pioneer? We live in the 21st century, after all. Basic necessities, plus a whole bundle of unnecessary things (ahem...Target), are just a five minute drive away.

It’s a fair question. And perhaps I am a bit overzealous for winter preparation. It’s just that the idea of hunkering down for the colder months appeals to me, even if I don’t technically have to. Or, at the very least, having less to do during the crazy holiday season sounds marvelous.

So, necessity or not,
here are a few things I’m tackling in the next couple of weeks:

:: hosting a Cooking Extravaganza for me, myself and I. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s when I load up on enough groceries to feed a small army, lock myself in my kitchen, and cook for a day solid. Last year I set a record at 15 hours and 40 meals. This year I’m a little less ambitious... I’ll keep you updated as the cooking starts tomorrow!

:: storing up holiday supplies.
As in empty cereal boxes (they make great gift boxes!), plain wrapping paper (I embellish it and use it all year), and holiday foods & recipes.

:: filling my linen closets with basics, like toilet paper, medicine, soap, toothpaste, etc. The last thing I need is to discover that I only have one roll of toilet paper during an unexpected blizzard! Or an empty bottle of Tums after a holiday buffet.

Oh...and I only wish my linen closet looked like the one above!

:: winterizing my car. You won’t find me under the hood or anything--but I do plan to get an updated oil change, top off my fluids, check my tire pressure, and make sure my emergency kit is stowed in the back.

And no...my car doesn't look like that either.

How do you prepare for the winter? Share your tricks by posting a comment here!


  1. I think I will also be participating in a cooking extravaganza! On Sunday! And I only have about 30 recipes I want to try -- probably need to pair that down a bit.

  2. Oohh, let me know how it goes! And take pictures!

  3. I can do that. It will be fun. What are you making?

  4. Everything! Mac & Cheese, lasagna, soups, spaghetti w/meatballs, meatloaf, chili, pork tenderloin, lamb chops, stir fry... the list goes on and on. Thank goodness I saved my notes from last year!


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