Thursday, October 1, 2009

Touching Base

It feels like it has been a long time since I've touched base with you all. Real Recessionistas turned into Retro Summer, which then flowed into the Institute for Fine Living, and before I knew it, the summer, along with September, disappeared.

A Respite
In truth, this past season was a welcome respite for me.
After a year of personal challenges (see An Infertility Observed for a peek into those...), I have felt grateful for a few months of rest and creative enjoyment. They have worked--and continue to work--to restore my energy and vision for the future.

This past season has also given me an opportunity to develop a few skills and projects, too, like my photography, sewing and cooking. And those projects have planted the seeds for new ventures to come. Ventures I am excited about, and look forward to sharing with you soon.

Fresh Start
I mentioned yesterday that I sense a fresh start on the threshold.
And though I don't exactly know what that entails for this little blog, I anticipate a few modest changes. Like some more substantial writing to balance out the great projects and photos, as well as a greater emphasis on leadership and community engagement. And perhaps a resurfacing of some of my favorite columns from the past, like Marketplace Mavens(featuring female entrepreneurs) and Smarty Pants (thoughts on current events).

Of course you'll still find the same attractions and interests that have filled these pages all year, like more DIY fashion inventions and my escapades with knitting needles. But in addition to inspiration, I hope also to equip you (and myself) to grow into strong women who lead with confidence.

So, here's to new horizons and fresh beginnings!
I'll talk to you soon!

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