Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Original Fall Dress

Are you surprised that I did a little sewing during last week's staycation? I couldn't resist digging into my fall fabric stash to make this new long-sleeved dress for the colder weather.

I chose a soft brown cotton knit for the body of the dress, and a red houndstooth for the trim. And as a finishing touch, I added a light pink ribbed band for the cuffs.

It wasn't long before I discovered that it looked great with this belt that I already owned.

The cuffs were recycled from an old sweater that I no longer wear. The sweater also provided the pattern I needed for the long sleeves--but more on that tomorrow...

Speaking of the sleeves, I love the houndstooth stripe down the sides, don't you? One of the benefits of sewing your own clothes is that you can add little embellishments wherever you like.

As I mentioned yesterday, my favorite thing about this dress is that I made it myself, meaning that the design is unique and the production was personal--two things we'll be talking a lot about during the coming weeks.

And perhaps some of you have noticed that the dress looks a little familiar.
Like you've seen it before, perhaps in red...or pink...or purple and gold....

You're not imagining things! Tomorrow we'll talk more about how my Montengro Dress has turned into an entire wardrobe!

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