Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Story...

Once upon a time there was a red knit dress h
anging cheerfully in a boutique, waiting to be purchased. This red dress dreamed about all of the fun events it would attend, envisioning itself out on the town for a night with girlfriends, or on a first date at a fancy restaurant. It passed the days waiting in earnest until finally--one day--a shopper waltzed into the store, plucked the dress from its rack and finding it a perfect fit (naturally), the shopper purchased the dress and carried it home.

And for a long time the dress and t
he girl lived happily together, attending events and parties and taking warm summer night strolls. But then eventually the girl grew tired of the red dress, and one day stuffed it into a bag and donated it to a local used-clothing store.

The dress was crushed. What do I have to look forward to now? it wondered. Day by day it hung sadly from the rack, sandwiched between remnants of proms gone by and polyester shift dresses that had fallen out of fashion.

Then one day another girl walked into the store looking for a red dress. A Montenegro red dress to be exact. And this girl came across the old knit dress hanging so sadly and had an idea.

She tried on the dress and found that it was too worn and tattered to be of much use for dates and parties. But the fit was right, and the style was timeless, so she bought the dress anyway and carted it home. The dress was so excited, thinking that it was receiving a second chance to live out on the town again.

Unfortunately, much to the alarm of the knit dress, the girl immediately grabbed her fabric shears and mercilessly cut the dress into pieces. This is it, the dress thought. I've been murdered.

But then something unexpected happened. Suddenly the pieces were laid across new fabric and used as a pattern for other dresses. Months passed by, and this happened again. And again.

Before the dress knew it, she had inspired four new dresses, each with it's own unique details. Like a proud mama, the red knit dress admired her daughters, seeing pieces of herself in each one of them.

And so now she lays contentedly in pieces, folded away for future patterns--reborn again and again for nights on the town and parties with girlfriends and warm summer night strolls.

The End.

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