Friday, January 29, 2010

Fig Wrap Blouse

Do you ever have those weeks that are crammed with work? The ones that tax your brain and drain your energy? The kind of week where you wake up on Thursday thinking that it's Friday, and then spend the whole rest of the day mourning that it's not?

Well...I had one of those weeks. Which is why come yesterday afternoon, I desperately needed a creative boost.

Fortunately I had just the supplies I needed for a recharge--namely a Vogue pattern and some silky soft fig colored fabric.
To say that I "whipped up" this lovely wrap blouse would be an exaggeration, because in truth it consumed much of my afternoon and early evening.

In other words, I made mistakes. Many of them.
These mistakes admittedly compromised the "relaxation factor" of my enterprise. As did that moment when I knocked over my can of root beer and it spilled like a river into the bottom of my desk drawer. And onto my computer. And all over my chair.
But I managed to recover, both from the sewing mistakes and my sticky root beer problem, and ended up with this beautiful new shirt for my wardrobe.

The fabric, I think, is the best. It drapes elegantly, and feels so soft against my skin. I think it has some silk in it, although I can't remember for sure. Regardless, it certainly makes me feel like a lady when I'm wearing it.
And did you know that purple is the traditional color for royalty? Apparently the dye used to make purple was quite rare and expensive in ancient times, so only the fanciest of women wore it.
I like to think of that when I'm cloaked in purple. Especially when I'm sitting on a still slightly sticky chair and have a whole day of work ahead of me before the weekend.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? I'm having dinner with family tonight, brunch tomorrow with friends, and hopefully some spare time to catch up on Project Runway, Big Love and my latest knitting project... How about you?


  1. Well, the good news is that it's supposed to snow tomorrow so I can get away with a guilt free day of hibernating in doors. I intend to finish a scarf I started knitting (my first EVER knitting project! I was inspired by your sweaters) and plan next week's meals. Also, perhaps I'll find the time to pull my sewing machine out :)

    BTW, LOVE the shirt! I have a few vogue patterns, but I'm terrified to attempt them, as I've heard that vogue can be kind of hairy and scarey! Maybe someday I'll get around to it as I love this jacket pattern, especially with the collar up in a very unconventional way . . . :) But, I stick my head in the sand and hide from that pattern right now!

  2. Knitting and snow is the Perfect winter combination in my humble opinion! And congrats on your first project! I started with scarves, and still love the look of a handknit scarf.

    As for Vogue patterns, I Highly recommend them. The fit, in my opinion, is just superior to other brands I've tried. And I Love that jacket--and agree that the collar up is the way to go. Very sculptural! The instructions can get a little tricky (I often have to read the steps through several times before I get it), but the more you sew, the more they make sense!

    Happy weekend!

  3. Great shirt Steph!! I love that it can be dressed up or down, but is comfy regardless!


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