Friday, January 8, 2010

A Good Wrap

Now that we are almost through the first week of this series on being a lady, I thought I would address a common concern: the ubiquitous time crunch. It is true that at times the idea of being ladylike can feel exhausting.
It is for this reason that I genuinely appreciate having a few tricks--like large sunglasses (thank you, Audrey, for the idea). And scarves.
The reality is that there are days when you just feel like wearing baggy jeans and cotton t-shirts. Days when even lipgloss seems like too much effort. You know the days I'm referring to: Saturday morning bagel and coffee runs, late night ice cream jaunts to the convenience store...any of the days requiring Midol.
It is on these days that I appreciate a good scarf. Soft, colorful, with perhaps a little embellishment. There is something very je ne sais quoi about a good wrap. It can add some flourish to your cotton tee, and spruce up even the baggiest of pants (although please, please do not wear sleepwear out in public--not even pashmina can atone for that error).
A good wrap, frankly, is something every lady should have in her fashion repertoire.

And as a final note...when I say "wrap," I Do Not mean a Snuggie. Yes, I realize that they do, technically, wrap around you, but shapeless ultraviolet fleece is not exactly what I have in mind for ladies. So please save your snuggies for the sofa, and consider a scarf for your outings instead.

And with that, I bid you adieu! Happy Friday!

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