Wednesday, January 27, 2010


warning: this post contains gratuitous images of pink frosting. Viewing these images may cause you to impulsively crave cake. We at Deviantly Domesticated take no responsibility for actions caused by this post and cannot be held liable.
Today's post, my friends, has very little to do with being a lady. Oh yes, I suppose that I could conjure up some profound kind of connection, like the feminine value of serving pretty desserts, or my fondness for all things pink. But really...I don't have the energy.
Although truth be told, I probably should have the energy since this lovely cake you are viewing was, in fact, my breakfast.

Not the whole cake, mind you. If it was the whole cake I would not be writing but would instead be spending some quality time in the restroom. Fortunately I have better restraint than that.

I felt compelled to bake this little sugary treasure for a variety of reasons. First, it was one of my best friend's birthdays yesterday and I thought it an appropriate way to celebrate.

And, yes, I know that she lives in Los Angeles and I live in Colorado.
I hardly see what that has to do with anything...

I've also developed a seasonal hankering for frosted treats, particularly adorned in shades of pink. I blame it on Valentine's Day and all of my magazines that feel it necessary to publish lush photos of such desserts every year around this time.
Obviously by now you've noticed that I decorated the top with polka dots of teensy round sprinkles. It just makes eating it all that much more enjoyable. Nevermind that the sides are lopsided and that it definitely resembles the Mad Hater leaning ever so slightly to the left on top of its cake stand.
In fact, the whole cake reminds me of some trippy psychedelic dish you might find in Wonderland. To be honest, I've never been all that fond of Alice in Wonderland. Too creepy and dark.
I am, however, quite fond of this cake, which tastes neither creepy nor dark in spite of its rabbit-hole resemblances.

To close, if you haven't already left this post to bake yourself a giant pink polka dot cake, then permit to say this one last thing, which is that you should come back tomorrow where I will indulge in more pink, except in a far more responsible manner.

Happy Craving!--steph


  1. Aw, thanks for thinking of me! And thanks for calling....I was working all day and couldn't answer, but I appreciated the message. I didn't play the movie at my party (It's called Logan's Run, by the way, and is still officially up for grabs!) but did have a fun party and b-day dinner with Ry. Oh, and the new decade is actually not too bad; I think you'll enjoy it! (That is a message from someone older and therefore wiser about these things.) haha. :)

    Thanks again! Love, alli

  2. You're welcome! Although I might have had ulterior motives with the cake...

    And for those you friend is exactly 11 days older than me--hence the older and wiser jab.

  3. FYI: one of my scrumptious cake photos above was selected for the Flickr photo group, "sliced cake." I want to thank them for including me!

    you can visit the photo group here:


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