Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Now that we’re into this series on being a lady, I want to drive home an important point: I like being a lady. I think it’s fun. I enjoy the pretty things--the sparkles, the hairstyles, the dresses. I’ve liked these things since I was a little girl, twirling around the living room in my skirt and plastic costume jewelry.
I do not--and this is important, so pay attention--do it because I feel like I have to. I couldn’t give a damn about what the culture expects from me, or how women are supposed to be, or what is the latest trendy thing. I am a lady because I want to be.
I bring this up because the last thing I want, dear readers, is for you to think that you have to be someone you’re not in order to be a lady. Femininity is above all things about inner confidence. It resonates from your spirit--not your wardrobe or your home or your perfectly manicured nails. Yes, I’d prefer it if all of us forever banished our sweats to the recesses of our drawers, never to be shown in the light of public again...but if sweat pants make your inner beauty shine, than by all means--wear them with zeal.
It is true that in my experience, there is something special about cultivating beauty in our lives, even if it is as simple as applying lip gloss before we head out to run errands. I won’t speak for you, but the small feminine touches in my day help give me life. A mundane afternoon full of boring chores somehow seems less burdensome when I’m wearing pink patent leather peep toe pumps. But the key point is that those patent leather pumps invigorate my spirit. They make me stand just a little bit taller. They make me radiate a little more warmth.
This inner radiance is what I’m after, and what I hope you are after too. To be a lady is to radiate, so find what makes you shine, and then find a way to add it to your life every day.

By the way--aren't these jewelry pieces fabulous? I love amethyst (and yes--the fact that it is my birthstone might have something to do with it...), don't you? Which one is your favorite? I'm having a hard time picking, but I'd have to say the purple ring, because I LOVE rings. What about you?

Glossary of images, all handmade by jewelers on Etsy!
1. princess amethyst ring by jalcyme moonlight jewelry
2. adventurine and amethyst stone necklace by molly the pirate
3. amethyst vintage hearts by lily leigh's vintage to modern jewelry
4. amethyst triple strand necklace by piedra studio
5. gray moonstone, rose quartz and amethyst sterling silver bracelet by mf jewellry designs

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