Monday, January 18, 2010

Swept Up

I think I was destined for fancy hairdos. My mother, after all, is a Texan. And Texas, as many of you might know, is a place where hair is big. And not just "big" as in "important, but also "big" as in BIG. They don't do the "messy bun" in Texas. Or the "stringy straight." Or anything mousy. They DO hair. Even their tousled looks are painstakingly intentional.
Now, doing hair is not something I've always done. Because contrary to my mother, I was born and raised in Colorado, where ponytails are more commonplace than Starbucks. I have spent many, many years without either hairdryers or bobbypins, preferring to wash and go. All that fancy coif-ing was too much work for my taste.
But then I made an important discovery. As it turns out, pulling off an upsweep like this one is not really hard. Not hard at all. All it takes is some curl, a comb, some pins, and hairspray. A little teasing and a few twists and Voila!--hair that looks like it took effort.
The nice thing about wearing updo's like this is that you can wear practically anything and still look elegant. There's just something feminine about tendrils hanging softly around the nape of a neck, or sweeping past the ears. I don't care if you're wearing a gray cotton t-shirt and some jeans--you'll still look like a lady.
Now I will admit that certain hair-types are more favorable for upsweeps like this. Mine is long and fine, which makes drying and curling a cinch. But there is a whole universe of lovely styles that exist beyond the realm of the ponytail, and certainly there is one for every type of hair--including yours.

And though I won't be exploring all of them during this series, I will be practicing a few. So stick around to see more hair trials, coming soon!

Before I go...I am curious--what is your favorite hair era? The 80's crimp? The 70's feathered look? The fingercurls of the 40's? The high ponytail of the 50's? Share your thoughts with me here!

Happy Monday!

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