Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feminine Touch

I was browsing through Etsy this morning with my hot tea in hand searching for some feminine inspiration to start my day, and I came upon this lovely store based in Warsaw called Couvert. The fashions and accessories from this little shop are a vision of ladyness, and thus I had to share them with you--
I was first struck by the soft and light knits, probably because so many times knits have a reputation for being bulky and unflattering (the reason you don't see celebrities wearing sweater dresses on the red carpet...). The soft draped necklace shown above, and this puffy sleeve wrap, however, both demonstrate that a quality knitted accessory can be very alluring, even when paired with simple tops.
And speaking of alluring, I couldn't resist showing you this powder pink mohair shawl. It is, in my opinion, divine. It reminds me of pink frosting and valentines, and would look smashing with denim, cotton or silk.

I dare say it would turn a few heads,
which is naturally one of the perks of being a lady.

I also loved this kimono shrug, mainly because it is unique and unexpected. It is indeed a design that is timeless, and yet different enough that no one else would be wearing it to the office party or at the market on the weekend. And it would definitely take a regular Saturday outfit up a notch with almost no effort whatsoever.

This last point was one of the goals of Couvert's designer,
who mentioned in her profile that she wanted her clothing to be both sophisticated and casual. What two things could be better together?

Finally, I adore this fake fur cape. This last garment is indeed a little more luxury than most of us are used to (especially those of us who hail from the perpetually casual Colorado), and therefore might draw more attention than we're comfortable with. But sometimes being a lady means stepping out of your comfort zone.

And what better way, I ask,
to step out than to be dressed from head to waist in smoky slate fur? I can hardly think of one...

Hope you have a feminine and fashionable Tuesday!

Glossary of Couvert's styles, from top to bottom:
1. Avant Garde Scarf, modern romantic, in light blue
2. Silver Frost Shrug with Puffed Sleeves
3. Delicate Pastel Powder Pink Mohair Shawl
4. Casual Couture Kimono in Deep Vanilla
5. Avant Garde Cape Coat Fake Fur in Slate

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