Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 11: Industrious

After talking yesterday about avoiding burnout, and the day before about pursuing creative beauty, Mrs. Marple wanted to make sure that we weren't under the false impression that fine living was all about bon bons and leisure time.

Because it isn't.

"Industry is required," she said. Not work-your-fingers-to-the-bone per se, but also not veg-on-the-sofa-watching-design-tv (Project Runway Yay!) either.

So taking her advice to heart, I've got a few projects-in-progress, like this smoke and gold dress.

Thankfully perfection isn't required along with diligence, because this dress has a way to go before it's public-ready. But at least I'm on my way to converting this purple Goodwill fabric remnant into a wearable garment.

I've also got a quilt-in-progress, although it's not nearly as far along as the dress.

Square by square I'm plugging away on my sewing machine (yes--it's back. Finally.)

It is hard to picture now, but someday these squares are going to make my bed look marvelous.

That "someday" may be 2012, but who's counting?

Finally, I also have another sweater-in-progress.

What can I say? I'm a knitting maniac. And apparently a pink maniac too.

But being a maniac is presumably not a bad thing if my mania is directed in a positive way. Or so says Mrs. Marple. After all, fine living doesn't just happen by accident. Or by bon bons.

Too bad, though. I really like bon bons.

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