Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 9: Pink, Pink & Pink

When Mrs. Marple told us this morning that part of fine living is taking enjoyment in simple adornments, I immediately knew what she meant.

Yes adornments aren't particularly "noble," and they won't save the world. But when I get to wear this muted mauve cardigan that I handknit around town, I feel good.

And when I'm dreaming of the jacket I'm going to make from this pink yarn, I also feel good.

And though these adornments--like the salmon beads above and below--aren't as grand and important as...say...the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or a statue by Michaelango, they do still play a part in stimulating creative beauty in civilized culture.

They make us feel (and probably act) a little more civilized toward each other. And they give us a chance to express our personal style and aesthetic in a world that often favors utilitarian form and function.

Perhaps some may scoff, Mrs. Marple said, saying that adornments--like pink patent leather peep-toe pumps--are vanity. But fine living is not just about practicality, financial savings, and planning. It is also about creativity and beauty.

So in honor of adornments, and the color pink, I think I'll paint my toenails. It's vain, I know, but apparently a little vanity can be good for us.

Or at least Mrs. Marple says so.

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