Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 10: the Balancing Act (as told through vintage advertisements)

It is day ten at the Institute, and Mrs. Marple decided that it was time to address something that often challenges us in the pursuit of fine living: time management.

She commented about how busy we all are today, and how it is difficult to keep a balance between diligence (a necessarily quality for fine living) and burn-out.

The pressures on our time are numbered. First there's the expectation that we will put in a full day of work, because "what you do" often equates to "who you are" (a fact that clearly bugs Mrs. Marple).

But work is only the start. Then you're supposed to keep a clean and tidy house. Wearing heels. The heels are important. As is the apron.

And like it. better like it.

And of course cooking is crucial (as is keeping the kids away from narcotics, which apparently this well-manicured mother has overlooked).

You are expected to make sure that kids have a well balanced meal. Although these parents might be more concerned that their son is clearly a serial killer waiting to happen. He's horrifying.

Multi-tasking is an obvious must. Like organizing your food in colorful tupperware while also catching up on the latest news.

And of course there are the garden-variety pressures of maintaining appearances so that you can enjoy a night out on the town with your friends (who are also clearly using some kind of narcotic...what was in the punch, I wonder?).

And with our rising health costs, it is important that you make time daily for fitness.

Do it for your country. Do it for yourself.

And yes--apparently these sexy sauna pants were a real product. They claim to slenderize exactly where you want in an amazing one-size-fits-all easily inflatable model.

Finally, after all of the above is accomplished, you also have to pursue those intimate times. Thankfully there are fashionable temptations like the above swim shorts to aid you.

As does this his-and-hers cowboy attire. Nothing is sexier. Except maybe that hairstyle.

And if you're really struggling, you can opt for these matching white jumpers. Because let's be honest--we all could use some help from time to time.

Mrs. Marple warned us that capitulating to all of these pressures on our time, appearance and mind can drain our creativity, which is the keystone of fine living. And though there are no easy tricks to keeping the right balance, practice can help.

As can white jumpers.

See you in class tomorrow!

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